The Art of Running….From Zombies!

Later this year I will be participating in a zombie run with some friends. I am pretty stoked about it. I watched some videos and some of the zombies chasing you are horrifying. I will be genuinely trying to keep away from them.

Some of my friends are training up for the zombie run. I, on the other hand, know I can do the distance with my eyes closed. It’s a weird feeling knowing that. I ran a lot in college but except for a brief period back in 2009 have mostly not as an adult.

That has changed this year. I have logged over 560 miles since March. I am running more and longer than any time in my life. It’s a trick too. The original title I thought of for this blog was chronic. That’s because I live with chronic back pain.

At its worst, I am in complete agony and unable to move even an inch without unbearable pain. This happened to me last week and I had to skip three days of running. This is where body awareness and technique come in. I am much better at shutting myself down. I think about every step I take while running.

I am aware that I am one step away from pain. I push myself when I feel good and I slow way down when I am worried my body is ready to rebel. I have done a really good job with this but my recent shutdown has shown me I need to do more. I have talked about Pilates for years and now it is time for me to get serious. I need to get my core strong.

I have run a half marathon in each of the last two months. My plan is to run one a month. I really want to do a marathon but I know without getting my core stronger I stand none chance. I have done really well the last few years of setting goals and meeting them. So I am adding this to the list.

Running really has become an art for me. I work through stories in my head. I think about my body. I work on my technique. I wanted to get healthy and I have done that. My blood pressure is amazing. I have lost 40 pounds. Now I want to finish the job.

In the meantime I will keep working and getting ready for my zombie run. I bought an app called Zombies,Run! It’s fun and can really kick your ass with speed work. I have been consumed a few times but the last time out I escaped all the zombie hoards. I am ready for the zombie apocalypse people!

About csdaley

C.S. Daley was born in California but has spent most of his life in his imagination. His first short story written in third grade, the now classic "Close Encounters of the Turd Kind," was sold to his next door neighbor for a quarter. The neighbor promptly demanded a refund. An unhealthy obsession with the writings of Neil Gaiman, Christopher Moore, and Terry Pratchett have left his mind warped and broken. He spends most of his evening swilling down coffee while tapping at a keyboard under the watchful eyes of his kittens. They are there to make sure he doesn't snap. He likes to write fantasy for adults and teens.

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