Run Gingerbread Man, Run – New York Marathon Edition

734072_10200661084505596_2006784713_nI am not completely sure where I lost all semblance of sanity. It was sometime in the last year. A tiny little thought gave birth to a giant goal. A goal that has taken on a life of its own. It started with the basic thought that I wanted, no needed to get healthy. I couldn’t continue to yo-yo around with my weight. I knew I had it in me to be healthy but I couldn’t seem to make it stick. I would lose a bunch of weight and then start to gain it back. I shed 75 pounds. I never gained it all back but I did start climbing back towards it. I needed to find a way to stay on course.

It was then that I started running again. This time I decided to throw in some of my natural competitiveness and decided to work towards running. In college I ran 5Ks regularly. I made this my first goal. I accomplished it quickly. I then had a friend tell me she was running a half-marathon. I didn’t think this was a run I could ever make. 13.1 miles is a long way. My back is not great. So naturally I said yes and began working my way towards it. No one was more shocked than me when, not only did I finish it, I finished it in under 2 hours.

It was then that I got really crazy and decided to go for a marathon. I gave myself 4 months and signed up for the LA Marathon in March. Again, I shocked myself when I actually ran the damn 26.2 miles. I didn’t run it fast and the last 6 miles were hell but I did it. I knew I was going to do another if for no other reason than I wanted to do it better. Originally, I was going to run the Seattle Marathon in June. Then the Boston Marathon bombing happened and I knew right there I wanted to run the New York Marathon. People have asked me why not Boston. The simple reason is New York is next and I love New York.

I knew I would never qualify on time but I wanted to run this race bad. I was so angry at the Boston bombings. There was just an urge I knew would not be satisfied until I ran this race. Not being able to qualify on time meant I had only one option. Find a charity team that would have me. I began looking through the teams when my eyes settled on the Boston Children’s Hospital and the connection I felt was instant. I knew I wanted to represent them. They were a Boston charity that represented kids in need. It was a perfect fit. I applied immediately and then waited anxiously. After a short interview I was in and I couldn’t be more excited.

I get to run the New York Marathon and I get to help a great charity. I admit I was a little anxious when I signed up. I am responsible for the $3000 minimum I pledged to join the team. Anything I don’t raise I have to cover on my own. Sheri and I talked about it and decided we loved the charity and would just cover any amount I was short. It would be worth it.

So my insanity continues. I will now train over the next few months to run my second marathon. I will have run 6 half-marathons and one full by the time I run New York. I hope to be in the best shape of my life. I will be overjoyed to have raised money for the Boston Children’s Hospital.

My life will continue to go in directions that surprise me.

If you can spare a few dollars to help the Boston Children’s Hospital (and help me hit my goal) then please click on the link. I will be eternally grateful.

Christopher Daley’s Boston Children’s Hospital New York Marathon pledge page

About csdaley

C.S. Daley was born in California but has spent most of his life in his imagination. His first short story written in third grade, the now classic "Close Encounters of the Turd Kind," was sold to his next door neighbor for a quarter. The neighbor promptly demanded a refund. An unhealthy obsession with the writings of Neil Gaiman, Christopher Moore, and Terry Pratchett have left his mind warped and broken. He spends most of his evening swilling down coffee while tapping at a keyboard under the watchful eyes of his kittens. They are there to make sure he doesn't snap. He likes to write fantasy for adults and teens.

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