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I am a broken. I have always been broken. I can not remember one moment in my life where my brain has ever left me the fuck alone. It has been all out war. There were a few times early in my life where my brain almost finished me. Moments where it just felt like […]

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Figuring It Out

I have spent a lot of time over the last few months trying to figure out which direction I want to head in my future. The truth is I have been a little depressed. I have had a hard time shaking it. I have not been blogging or writing very much. I know enough about […]

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Depression Sponsor Needed

I do not fear writer’s block. No, what I fear is brain block, life block, mother fucking blackness raining from the sky and swallowing me whole block. Truthfully, I would trade a little writer’s block to get rid of all the rest of the stuff. I think more than any other reason this is why […]

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