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C.S. Daley’s Girls Guide To Watching The Avengers

So my friend Amy wrote a blog about a stupid article over on Moviefone called “Girl’s Guide to The Avengers” (there were a bunch of other words after that but they seemed useless so I left them out). The article was crap. You know one of those articles that makes your blood get all icy. […]

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Ginormous Blog Crossover Event

That’s right this is a crossover blog. In about three sentences you will have to go to another blog where I will finish my thought. You will then be informed of the new blog to go from there and some point in the near future you will actually get to read the complete piece of […]

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The Corruption of Youth – Superhero Style

Someday I think I am going to write a book called blameology. It seems that with each passing day I grow more and more frustrated with people’s inability to take personal responsibility. I grow tired of so called “experts” pointing the finger at whatever happens to look like the new bad guy on the block. […]

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