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Frakking Labels! A Geek..Nerd..Oh Who Gives a Fuck Manifesto

If you read my blog with any regularity you know how much I respect and admire Felicia Day. It is not easy to have a career in Hollywood. It is particularly hard to do it on your own terms. She has accomplished a lot with intelligence and sheer force of will. Recently, Ms. Day made […]

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Square Peg – Round Hole

I am constantly amazed at the utter predictability of my inner psyche. Wandering around the San Diego Comic-Con with 130,000 other geeky souls should be the last place I would feel out of place. Yet, I sometimes do. Which I could have told you would happen before I ever got on the plane. It took […]

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Geek Gatekeeper

It appears the “what makes a geek” question has reared its ugly head again. Miss USA Alyssa Campanella got it started by gushing her geekness. She is beautiful, so of course she must be pandering. While reading the current fight I noticed one of the arguments against being able to claim your eternal nerdhood or […]

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