Keepers Week 13

This is the update I was supposed to write “done” and throw a party. My word count goal was 90,000 words and I predicted I would hit it at the end of April. I am happy to say I have in fact hit my 90,000 word count goal yesterday. I am sad to say that I am not done. I am close. All the story lines have intersected. The main mystery is all but solved and we are heading into the action packed finish line. I have no idea how many more words it is going to take to get this all done. If I was a betting man I would say about 16,000 more which would mean the finish line will be in about 2 weeks.

I am not entirely stoked with this because my plan was to have all of May to do my final edit on the 2nd book of my Dark Lands trilogy. I am up against a deadline of the beginning of June to get it done because I have to turn it into my very busy formatter. Sheri is helping out right now going through it one more time but I can see my already busy writing schedule is about to go nuts.

This doesn’t even take in the fact I haven’t finished my zombie dad shorts which I had hoped to have done today (not going to happen). At some point (no later than middle of June) I have to start the last book of the Dark Lands Trilogy. At least when I get to that book it will be the only writing project on the table. It will almost be a relief. One month to get through the worst of this and then back to just writing one book at a time. After I finish today’s novel work it will be zombie writing time (oh yeah, and at some point my wife and I are going to go have dinner to celebrate our anniversary. 17 years married, 19 years together).

I created these deadlines because I wanted to have the first Dark Lands book out in June. It will still make this deadline. I also wanted my zombie dad short story collection out before the novel. I am hoping to use it as a cheap way to sample my writing. I was trying to line up all the projects so I would eventually find myself back to just one book. It will happen but the work is crazy. I am exhausted right now. The day job is totally getting in the way.

In the meantime, I will work hard to finish the first draft of Keepers over the next two weeks. It is going to be the longest book I have written. I admit to being a little excited at crossing over the 100,000 word mark. That is a really big number. I don’t know if anyone is going to buy these books when I publish them but I plan on giving them plenty of books to choose from. Soon I will get to see how delusional I am. It’s kind of scary but what the hell I teach sixth graders. Nothing is scarier than that.

About csdaley

C.S. Daley was born in California but has spent most of his life in his imagination. His first short story written in third grade, the now classic "Close Encounters of the Turd Kind," was sold to his next door neighbor for a quarter. The neighbor promptly demanded a refund. An unhealthy obsession with the writings of Neil Gaiman, Christopher Moore, and Terry Pratchett have left his mind warped and broken. He spends most of his evening swilling down coffee while tapping at a keyboard under the watchful eyes of his kittens. They are there to make sure he doesn't snap. He likes to write fantasy for adults and teens.

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